SET SCREEN - specify number of screens displayed

[SET] SCReen n [Horizontal|Vertical]

[SET] SCReen Size l1|* [l2|*]

The SET SCREEN command specifies the number of views of file(s) to display on screen at once. If the number of views specified is 2 and only one file is currently in the ring , two views of the same file are displayed.

The second form of SET SCREEN allows the user to specify the number of lines that each screen occupies. The sum of l1 and l2 must equal to lscreen.5 or lscreen.5 - 1 if the status line is displayed.

The value of l1 specifies the size of the topmost screen; l2 specifies the size of the bottommost screen.

Either l1 or l2 can be set to *, but not both. The * signifies that the screen size for the specified screen will be the remainder of the full display window after the size of the other screen has been subtracted.

The THE display can only be split into 1 or 2 screens.

XEDIT: Does not support Width or Define options.
KEDIT: Does not support Split option.
A maximum of 2 screens are supported.


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